eLABInventory is an inventory management system to manage stocks, samples, and specimens, and anything else in the lab. eLabInventory provides an efficient way to track and trace your inventory and storage systems.  The system offers a standardized system of documentation that can be configured to match whatever physical storage places you have, including -80°C or -20° freezers, refrigerators safety cabinets, cages and more.

eLABInventory Tour

eLABInventory Tour

Fully Manage your samples

Manage items like primers, bacterial strains, plasmids, PCR products, RNA samples, antibodies, chemical, enzymes, cell lines, animals  - or define your own items. eLABInventory meets industry standards, but is also well-suited and affordable for academic laboratories. For more information about eLabInventory, a demonstration, or a free trial, please contact us.

eLab Barcode Scanner

eLAB barcode scanners assist in fully automating sample handling in laboratories. Make less mistake and save time by extending eLABInventory Module with the stand-alone eLab scanners. The barcode scanner operates wirelessly (Wi-Fi required) and are flexible to carry around. Scan a sample barcode to instantly retrieve sample information. Use eLAB Scanners to automate sample actions, including tracking sample quantities and archiving or ordering items in the lab inventory. Check-in, check-out or relocate samples within the lab to log its full audit trail. eLab Barcode scanner also works with external barcodes that can be linked to samples in eLabInventory. Improve your efficiency and quality with the eLab Barcode Scanner.

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