Bio-ITech launches US cloud

July 13, 2018, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Since Bio-ITech opened a dedicated US office in Cambridge, MA, in October 2017 as a division of Eppendorf, Inc., the US customer base has been rapidly growing. To further support current and future customers, Bio-ITech recently launched a dedicated US cloud to provide even better and faster services to customers in the Americas.

With the launch of the US cloud, data from our current customers located in the Americas has been migrated onto servers in certified data centers in the US. Not only will this allow Bio-ITech to support future growth, but also to be fully compliant with local data regulations, such as that of the European GDPR and the US Privacy model.

For end-users, there will be no significant changes in user experience. Based on location, users will be automatically directed to the correct server region for login. Services to customers in Europe and the rest of the world have not changed: data is still stored in our European data centres.

For more information about the technical infrastructure, please visit:

About Bio-ITech BV

Bio-ITech is a Life Science IT company that provides software solutions to manage information in the workflow of laboratories worldwide. The Electronic Lab Notebook, eLABJournal, and the Inventory and Sample Tracking System, eLABInventory, are 21 CFR part 11 compliant and safeguard intellectual property with track-and-trace, versioning, and digital signatures. Software solutions are offered as fully managed hosting solutions in the cloud, private cloud or on-premises. Bio-ITech was founded in 2010 by Erwin Seinen and Wouter de Jong and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified since 2016. From offices in the US (Boston, MA) and Europe (the Netherlands), we serve customers worldwide. Since March 2017, Eppendorf AG has been holding the majority of shares of Bio-ITech BV. With this majority interest, both companies count on a long-term collaboration.

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