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About Bio-ITech BV

Bio-ITech is a privately-held company that provides software as a service (SaaS) to life science research laboratories.

Bio-ITech was founded with the mission to develop intuitive web-based applications for documenting, organizing and sharing information in laboratories. Bio-ITech collaborates with various partners from both industry and academia, enabling us to deliver high quality software specifically designed to manage information in a laboratory environment. Our services offer many benefits for pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories in both industry and academia.

Erwin Seinen (PhD)

Erwin Seinen (PhD) – Managing Director

Erwin Seinen is one of the founders of Bio-ITech and has over a decade of experience in scientific research. Erwin graduated as a Master of Science from the University of Groningen and received his PhD on the subject of small regulatory RNAs. Erwin developed several advanced algorithms during his PhD, and has extensive knowledge and experience in cloud-based platforms.

Wouter de Jong (PhD)

Wouter de Jong (PhD) – Managing Director

Wouter de Jong is one of the founders of Bio-ITech. Wouter graduated cum laude with his MSc degree in 2005 fom the University of Groningen, and later received his PhD in Molecular Microbiology. He has been published in several  high impact journals. Wouter is an expert in database design and cloud-based software architecture, employing his scientific network and extensive experiences in the Life Science and to create solutions.

Ulrike Dijkman (PhD)

Ulrike Dijkman (PhD) – Senior Account Manager

Florian Studener (PhD)

Florian Studener (PhD) – Account Manager

A generalist and good in communicating complex problems and phenomena. The knowledge about where to get certain information can be more valuable than the information itself.

Dorien Scholtens

Dorien Scholtens – Management Assistant

Judy Lin-Kalff

Judy Lin-Kalff – Writing and Editing Professional

Technical subjects can seem like an alphabet soup of abbreviations and acronyms. My writing balances out the need to fill readers in without sounding like a patronizing jerk. Careful, concise – all that you need to know, no frills and no fluff. All good writing tells a story. The trick is to find the story.

Wendel Schaatsbergen (Ing)

Wendel Schaatsbergen (Ing) – Senior Software Engineer

Jurrian Heikes (Ing)

Jurrian Heikes (Ing) – Mobile Developer

Mark Boonstra (Ing)

Mark Boonstra (Ing) – Web Developer

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