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Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

We have the Electronic Lab Notebook solution that you are looking for in your academic research or R&D environment. We offer a web-based ELN system eLabJournal, that makes your work more efficient and compliant with Good Laboratory Practice regulations (GLP). Organize your experiments, samples, protocols and other data in a traceable manner. Use eLabJournal to make your laboratory environment ready for the future of scientific research!
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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Our ELN system eLabJournal can be expanded and configured into a tailored Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that facilitates workflow-based lab automation and GLP compliant documentation. eLabJournal meets and exceeds standards in the biotech industry, while maintaining flexibility. Based on years of experience and intelligent design, eLabJournal LIMS edition will take your laboratory environment to the next step it needs!
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Laboratory Inventory System (LIS)

For sample storage in laboratories, we can offer eLabInventory; a complete and intuïtive Laboratory Inventory System (LIS). Manage stocks and track- and trace samples in your organization. Know who, where, what and when about any item within your inventory. As with all our applications, eLabInventory has proven to be very flexible and easy-to-use in any environment.
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Custom Services

Bio-ITech offers additional services for customization and development of tailor-made applications. We provide turn-key solutions for which you will appreciate the creative and highly skilled effort that is part of all our software.
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Life Science Start-up Program

Bio-ITech helps out Life Science Start-up companies, by offering our special start-up program. With this program, your company can take the advantage of our laboratory software solutions for a reduced price. Read more

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